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webmaster programmer Joe at  or AKA who took care of

www.La Femme and www.La Femme since May, 2005. Thank you JOE!ˇ His own website is and he also is a photographer.


 WEBMASTER AL from May 2001 to Jan 2004 (my websites went down due to unprecendented circumstances because I was overseas and it was dangerous to keep them up.)  of Las Vegas.Nevada Albert.

Marketing Consultant:  Richard B.     Washington,D.C.

Attorney Trademark Law:  USA (Washington, D.C.)

Initial Designer (2000) :  Adult webdesigner Tony DONATO:,  USA


Andrew Richards"CANVAS42"  of New York City, NY,

Celebrity and Rock Stars photogrpaher Andrew Richard,  creator of the initial images of or La Femme wbesite.(12-2000)

ANDREW is located in in both New York City and Miami.



Photo Shoot with CARLOS BEAMON Washington DC  AUg 2006

INTERNEXT EXPO 2006  Hollywood FLORIDA with Karen FISHER of DC DAN LEAL of DC (now in LOS ANGELES and owner of "IMMORTAL PRODUCTIONS" ) and studio from BRAZIL

Gina de PALMA was here too but we did not shoot. We date with BOB Captain BOB  (LAS VEGAS).

Charlie BIGGS and URBANO in Las Vegas  with Porn Actors Rick Masters and JAY Foxxx,

20-22 APRIL 2006

"GENT" magazine shoot in NJ with Asian Lucy, and AMBER FOXXX for October 2006 Print,

"GENT  magazine STUDIO for ken VIVERITO of Long Is. 18 March 2006

LONDON, Soho and MAYFAIR for "Rude BRITANNIA" and "MAYFAIR" magazine

"red Light of LONDON" feb 14-20 2006

w/RICK MASTERS and GUY di SILVA in Charlie BIGGS productions,  LAS VEGAS January 2006

AVN Convention and big date with RON JEREMY. XOX WOW!


FEBRUARY 2006 14-22,  LONDON 


Gina De PALMA December 2004

PORNODAN  December 2005

"GENT"magazine with Amber FOXXX (she is FOXXX on the run columnist), and with James Sincklair and Dick Johnson. Nov 18 2005

October in Las Vegas

GENt Magazine shoot with Tory TYLER  fr Print of NOV 2006 GENT magazine. and AUGST 2006


Las Vegas photo shoto with ANDY

Gina de PALMA in MIAMI  May 2005

Paige paradise and Claire in BELLISSIME studio in Brooklyn NY  May 1 2005

Gina De PALMA  1 May 2005 NYC



GINA de PALMA  of NYC and Las Vegas shoots in DEC 22 and 26 2004 in Manhattan.


Allie POWELL, Washington DC,New Photogrpaher from Boston

Studio MEL SAL Washington DC,new Photogrpaher from Baltimore

CREDITS for the following Photo studios and national magazines:

DVD (x2) 23 Oct 2004 evening cast

Photo session with Paige PARADISE and Photographer ALLIE of DC, 23 OCT 2004 Morning audition

For Photo and Video Productions to the following companies:

To MISTER MAX XXX$$$$ Hustler affiliate a Big Wheel from Atlantic City  15 OCTOBER 2004  DVD

STUDIO of Mister MAX of Washington DC 15 Oct 2004, adult industry DC

Dwayne of TQ  or, new video maker from MD/DC

VIXENS  DVD available


 October 2002, Photographer (SECRET)  Gilles of San Diego,California


MEL SEE of Washington DC 12 Oct 2004sinc


July 2002  DVD on ORAL AMBERBrad Glasier and Chris Filby. 


Salvatore Vergone of BELLISSIME, Brooklyn, NY.




Philadelphia Photo Shot in South Philly FEB 2003



CHRIS FILBY of Washington DC, many many times.last photo update: Mar 2003, NOV 2001,2000,1999


Eric from NYC at <>  Fetish and BDSM productions New Jersey PHILADELPHIA,2000-2001


Bellissime MANHATTAN, Salvatore Vergone, AUG 2001, NYC Manhattan






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